Wind Storms

    Tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms can all cause wind damage. If an agricultural building needs replacement due to wind damage extra expenses accrue quickly in a farm operation. A check to wind-proof buildings before the typical windy season in your area can save time and money in the future:

      *Check the roof for tighness, replacing or renailing loose nails.

      *Check that roof rafters are seculrely fastened to wall studding and rebrace if necessary.

      *Have on hand plywood and boards which can be nailed over large windows or doors.

      *Look at buildings for loose boards or siding.

    In the event of an imminent storm:

      *Close doors and windows on the building's windward-side, nailing them shut if fasteners or hinges won't survive the wind's power. Open the doors and windows slightly on the side away from the wind. This will equalized air pressure. Nail exterior covers over doors and windows that may be broken.

      *Remove toys, tools and other loose objects from open spaces.

      *Do not anchor relatively inexpensive small buildings with pieces of farm equipment, which are relatively expensive.

    After the storm, inspect farm buildings for hidden damage.

      *Open doors and windows to remove moisture, odors and toxic gasses. If you suspect gas leaks, turn the gas off at the source. Until the building is secured, don't use an open flame in the building or smoke.

      *Check the roof for damaged or loose shingles, loose nails, and loose metal. Use plastic sheeting or roll rooging for temporary repair. To look for potential sources of leakage, stand inside the building on a bright, sunny day and look for holes.

      *Inspect the foundation where the studding meets the stone or concete. Be sure that bolts are tight, and that no separation has occurred.

      *Looks at the silo for loose hoops, rust for hairline cracks. Repair if necessary.

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