Farm Family Disaster Preparation

While disasters differ greatly in their impact on the farm and home, they also differ in the types of preparation that one should take.

Farm families should prepare for a future disaster by:

– Educating themselves about the types of disasters that frequently occur in the geographical area. Learn the communityĆ­s warning systems and have emergency phone numbers (and those of loved ones) handy in case a disaster occurs.

– Keep up with the disaster by listening to the radio, and be ready to follow instructions. Many of the problems following a disaster can be prevented by following broadcasted warnings.

– In the case of disasters which strike with little warning such as flash floods and tornadoes — conduct family drills to evacuate the home and get to a place of safety.

– Keep about half-a-tank of fuel in your car to enable you to leave the area if necessary. Remember that if a disaster cuts off the electricity, gasoline pumps won’t operate.

– Keep a emergency supply cupboard on hand, which will contain enough of these supplies for approximately four days.

      • Non-perishable foods and a can opener – and don’t forget pets.
      • A camp stove
      • Kerosene lantern, flashlights and extra batteries.
      • Water — allow about a gallon of water per day per person.
      • Chlorine bleach to purify water if necessary.
      • Blankets, medicines usually taken by the family, and basic first-aid supplies.
      • Impromtu sanitary facilities in a watertight container with a snug-fitting lid, and lime to keep down odors;
      • Books or puzzles to entertain the family in the case of a long period of isolation.